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Cleaning Hotel Room


Horeca Laundry was established in Nicosia in 2021. Our company, which has the mission of providing washing services, which is one of the important needs of the accommodation sector, especially tourism, which is the locomotive sector in Cyprus, made a rapid entry into the sector with its strong infrastructure and organization.

Horeca Laundry, which came to life with the support of Kannesseiger (Germany) and Permak (Turkey), which is accepted as the pioneer of the sector worldwide and produces the machines with the most advanced technologies, promises high savings and fast service to its customers.



We have a daily washing capacity of 40 tons of room, SPA, restaurant textiles and 5,000 uniforms with our existing infrastructure in our factory, which was established on an area of 3,000 m2.

Horeca Laundry Inside
Kneading Dough


Horeca Laundry works with a professional team and family spirit in order to provide industrial washing services at the highest level. Under the leadership of our Operating Director, our top management, consisting of our Factory Manager, Administrative Supervisor and Accounting Officer, not only manages corporate processes by prioritizing healthy communication with our customers, but also provides the necessary support for our factory team to work efficiently. In our factory team, which carries out its activities under the leadership of our Laundry Chief, the responsibles of each department organize the work of their own teams. We are a family with nearly 40 employees, especially our Tunnel Operator, Dry Cleaning Department Supervisor, Ironing Supervisor and Towel Folding Supervisor. We make our customers' lives easier, we never compromise on quality.

Our References

Korineum Horeca Laundry

Korineum, Golf & Beach Resort

The Korineum Golf & Beach Resort experience is completely unique, with a blend of warm hospitailty and perfected professionalism...While feeling cocooned by tranquility, every oppurtunity for activities and pleasure will be available for a beautiful escape and unforgettable holiday.


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